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PAN DIDACTIC : The Powerful Resource In Educational Engineering.

  The Powerful Resource In Educational Engineering.

Arbitrary Function Generator
5/12/25 MHz

AFG-2000 Series

*  0.1Hz to 5/12/25 MHz with in 0.1Hz Resolution
Sine, Square, Triangular, Noise and Arbitrary Waveform
20MSa/s Sampling Rate, 10 bit Vertical Resolution and 4k Point
    Memory for Arbitrary Waveform
*  1% ~ 99% adjustable duty cycle for Square Waveform
Waveform Parameter Setting Through Numeric Keypad Entry &
    Knob Selection
Amplitude, DC Offset and Other Key Setting Information Shown
    on the 3.5” LCD Screen Simultaneously
USB Device Interface for Remote Control and Waveform Editing
*  PC Arbitrary Waveform Editing Software

AFG-2005 : 5MHz Arbitrary Function Generator
AFG-2012 : 12MHz Arbitrary Function Generator
AFG-2025 : 25MHz Arbitrary Function Generator





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