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PAN DIDACTIC : The Powerful Resource In Educational Engineering.

  The Powerful Resource In Educational Engineering.

500/1000 VA

APS-7000 Series

*  4.3 inch TFT-LCD Display, Only 88mm(2U) case height
*  Output Capacity: APS-7050(500VA), APS-7100 (1000VA)
*  Arbitrary Waveform Function
*  Surge/ Dip control for output artificial surges or dips in voltage
    to a DUT
*  Measurement function comprises Voltage, Current, Power,
    Apparent Power, Current(peak), IPKH, Frequency, Power Factor,
    Crest Factor
*  10 sets of the Sequence mode, Simulate mode, and Programming
*  10 sets of Preset allow users to store ten settings
*  Support Sequence, Simulate, and Program to automatically
*  execute output after the equipment power is on
*  Support SCPI Emulation, LabVIEW Driver
*  Standard interface: USB Host, LAN
*  Support remoter control: Sync Output, Program mode signal
    output, Trigger In/Out, Output on/off
Option interface: GPIB (APS-001);RS232/USB CDC (APS-002)

APS-001 : GPIB interface card
APS-002 : RS-232 / USB interface card
APS-003 : Output Voltage Capacity (0~600Vrms)
APS-004 : Output Frequency Capacity (45~999.9Hz)
GRA-423 : APS-7000 rack mount kit

Power cord for UL/CSA (APS-7050) x 1
Power cord for PSE (APS-7050) x 1
Power cord for UL/CSA (APS-7100) x 1
Power cord for PSE (APS-7100) x 1
Mains terminal cover set (APS-7050)
Mains terminal cover set (APS-7100)
Test leads: 1x red, 1x black




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